Alvi Armani

Hello everyone. I recently had 4,000 grafts for zones 1, 2 and 3 with the Alvi Armani clinic in Beverly Hills. I have taken this oppurtunity to document my procedure. Overall the experience was very pleasing. My results came out as wonderful as promised, my friends and family are very impressed. They gave me gave me the classic Armani hairline that the clinic is famous for.

When I looked in the mirror or at pictures taken of me I didnt like what I saw. I accepted being 42. I didnt mind seeing some wrinkle lines but what really bothered me was my loss of hair. I used to have so much and now I was doing everything I could to make it look fuller and thicker, but nothing worked. I tried all the shampoos and hair products promising good results. Nothing really delivered. I heard about hair transplants or hair restoration but some of the after pictures I saw just didnt look that natural to me.

I saw an ad for AlviArmani and something about it made me reconsider. I tore it out of the magazine and kept it. I tried not to think about my thinning hair loss but months later I found that ad and looked it up on the internet. This time I was very impressed with the results I could clearly see from others. I researched the technique of Dr. Armani and compared it to many others in the same field. It became apparent to me that my original gut feeling was right, AlviArmani would be my choice.

Like anybody, I had feelings of apprehension of going through with the procedure but I went for it. I felt it was now or never. The Alvi Armani team was very friendly, understanding and professional. I knew I was in good hands. I received 4,000 hair follicles where I needed them most.

There is a recovery time and I remember feeling sad seeing my hairs implanted begin to fall out. This is normal. Then the amazing happens. You start to see your own hair begin to sprout. It is very exciting when you see it all start to fill in.

I am still growing hair (7 months later) and should see my full growth potential in the next few months as each new hair comes

through thicker and stronger.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Before Photos

Below are my before photos that I sent in to the Alvi Armani's hair transplant Los Angeles clinic for my evaluation. The goal was to fill the entire half of my head with grafts to recreate my hairline and the front 2/3 rds of my head with density.

Photos after my procedure

I took some photos after my procedure so I could compare once my growth started to come in. This should help everyone see where I had my grafts placed. The healing was pretty quick really, a couple of weeks or so.

6 month Photos

Here are some photos of my result at 6 months. I tried to take from all different angles so everyone can get a real feel for how my hair now looks overall.

7 month photos

Here are my 7 month photos. The clinic says I am at about 65% growth but I must say, if this was my final result I'd be very pleased. I look like a different person. My hairline and temple points frame my face so well, I feel like I am 32 and not 42!